Servicing the unique needs of the citizens of Sanford, NC, THRIVE (Transitioning to Healthy Relationships by Investing Valuing and Empowering) provides multiple programs in the areas of rehabilitation, healthcare, childcare, recreation and more. With each program designed to serve a specific demographic within the city of Sanford, THRIVE offers a variety of free or discounted services for children, adults and families to alleviate the financial burden of quality care and to provide specialty services for underserved areas. As the first program under IAMSK to serve men, women and children, THRIVE aims to help all residents of Sanford, NC thrive in every aspect of life.

The components of each program are listed below.


Transitions offers transitional housing and rehabilitation for previously incarcerated citizens in the process of reentering society. In accordance with the declining rate of citizens incarcerated after release in North Carolina (from about 20% in 2002 to 15% in 2013), Transitions provides its residents with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to rebuild and sustain productive lifestyles. The residents of Transitions must complete a multi-step program that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fulfilling conditions of release (if applicable)
  • Community service/upkeep of housing
  • Job training/placement
  • Education (completing high school diploma or earning a degree or certificate from up to a two-year program)
  • Counseling (career, personal, group and family)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Housing assistance (to help secure own housing)
  • Graduation (once each step of the program has been fulfilled)

All residents will be required to participate in routine “check-ins” to monitor their progress during and after the completion of the program. Former residents that meet special requirements may qualify to receive additional assistance from the program (as needed) up to a year after graduating from the program.

The Agape Center

The Agape Center is a homeless shelter that supplies food, clothing, shelter and rehabilitation for those in need. With Lee County comprising close to one percent of the homeless population in North Carolina, the core of the program centers on the “brotherly/sisterly love” volunteers and donors offer through their time and/or donations as well as clothing and food drives. Upon becoming a resident at The Agape Center, all participants will be required to complete a 9-month rehabilitation program that includes the following:

  • Temporary housing assignments and chores (including volunteering during events open to the community, such as serving during holiday dinners)
  • Individualized plans for rehabilitation and medical needs
  • Weekly group and personal counseling sessions
  • Job assistance
  • Financial literacy
    • The residents will be required to save a portion of their earnings, which will be rewarded to them upon their graduation to cover large expenses, such as permanent housing.
  • Educational assistance (to complete high school diploma or other levels of education required for job placement)
    • Residents with children will be provided with tutors to assist the children with their educational needs.
  • Mentorship during the program and up to a year after completing the program

Mind, Body and Spirit (MBS) Health and Wellness Center

The Mind, Body and Spirit (MBS) Health and Wellness Center provides quality healthcare and literacy services to help residents prevent and treat specific medical conditions. MBS sponsors yearly health fairs to promote early detection and awareness, which include free testing, walks, and other events and activities to promote the need for research and preventative care. In-home educational initiatives are also available for residents and families that lack reliable transportation. In addition, MBS provides resources to alleviate medical expenses (including free or discounted medicine and medical equipment or alternative forms of treatment) for those that lack access to traditional healthcare facilities. MBS specializes in the following conditions and services:


  • Special classes to educate those diagnosed with diabetes and their families (proper treatment, healthy eating habits, exercise, etc.)
  • Events that promote preventative care
  • Free screenings and vision testing
  • Transportation for dialysis patients
  • Counseling services for patients awaiting a kidney transplant and their families

Asperger’s Syndrome

  •  Daily routines and activities that build social and learning skills Counseling services for those diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and their families
  • Effective communication between families and educators to monitor progress at school and at home for children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome
  • Job training for older participants diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome


  • Special classes or programs to educate those most at risk to develop sarcoidosis (African Americans, women, people ages 20-40, and those with a family history of sarcoidosis) as well as those diagnosed with sarcoidosis
  • Referrals and/or free or discounted screening for those who suffer from symptoms related to sarcoidosis
  • Assistance to alleviate the cost of medical expenses for those who receive treatment for sarcoidosis


  • Special classes or programs to educate those with fibromyalgia and their families about coping strategies, primarily learning to reduce stress and preserving energy
  • Special classes to teach exercises that assist with pain management (led by a physical therapist)
  • Personal and group counseling to address the psychological effects of fibromyalgia


  • Special classes to educate those most at risk to develop lupus (women of color)
  • Support group to help those diagnosed with lupus and their families cope with the disease
  • Assistance to alleviate the cost of medical expenses for those diagnosed with lupus
  • Yearly banquets or auctions to raise awareness and fund research
  • Yearly retreat to pamper those diagnosed with lupus

HIV/AIDS Awareness

  • Free testing to promote the importance of early detection
  • Events that feature the stories of survivors to educate the community about preventing, detecting, and living with HIV/AIDS
  • Mentoring program for those newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to receive guidance and support from others living with HIV/AIDS
  • Counseling services for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their families
  • Assistance to alleviate the cost of medical expenses for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

Obesity (primarily childhood obesity)

  • Special classes to educate those most at risk about proper eating habits
  • Yearly events at local schools and within the community to promote healthy eating
  • Community garden or youth-led farmer’s market to alleviate the costs of purchasing healthy foods
  • Boot-camps or weekly exercise classes to promote the benefits of physical activity

Sickle Cell Anemia

  • Special classes to educate those most at risk to develop sickle cell anemia as well as those diagnosed with sickle cell anemia (proper eating habits, promoting the development of new red blood cells, and understanding the sickle cell trait)
  • Special classes to teach exercises that assist with pain management (led by a physical therapist)
  • Support group to help those diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and their families cope with the disease

Uterine Fibroids

  • Special classes to educate those most at risk to develop sickle cell anemia as well as those diagnosed with uterine fibroids (African Americans, those who are obese, and women nearing menopause)
  • Free or discounted screening for preventative care
  • Free or discounted gynecological visits or services for those diagnosed with uterine fibroids
  • Fertility programs for women who wish to conceive will be available also.
  • Special classes to teach pain management exercises

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  • Fibromyalgia:
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All Around the Clock 24-Hour Daycare Center

All Around the Clock is a 24-hour daycare center that serves the parents of children ages 0-12. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, All Around the Clock accommodates parents that do not receive childcare assistance and/or work outside of normal business hours (overnight, 12-hour shifts, weekends, etc.) More than just a daycare, All Around the Clock provides a safe and inviting environment for children, giving parents a sense of comfort as they work to provide for their families. All Around the Clock offers the following services and accommodations:

  • Free or discounted care (flexible payment plans available)
  • Individual areas for each age group (each with a primary caregiver and one or two assistants)
    • Infants 0-1
    • Toddlers 2-4
    • Primary 5-8
    • Intermediate 9-12
  • A play area and rest area (particularly for younger children and children who stay overnight)
  • Educational activities
  • Tutoring and/or homework assistance
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between
  • Transportation

Safe Haven for Kids

Safe Haven for Kids is an indoor activity center for children of all ages. Appealing to the unique interests of young children and adolescents, Safe Haven features individual rooms for multiple age groups. Each room contains educational and/or physical activities that allow children within the community to gather together in a safe, fun and productive environment. Safe Haven for Kids encourages kids to get and stay active and provides hours of fun with the following features:

  • A room with an activity gym for ages 0-3
  • A room with multiple play centers (reading, drawing/coloring, cooking, games, physical activities, etc.) for ages 4-7
  • A room with more advanced play centers (inflatables and physical activities) for ages 8-12
  • A room with areas for multiple sports (basketball, volleyball, etc.) for ages 13-18
  • An arcade room open to all ages
  • A room that offers access to electronic devices such as computers and tablets for all ages (with adult supervision)
  • A common area for parents and other guests
  • A special room designated for parties and events
  • Summer programs and camps
  • Yearly community events

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