The 5 P's

The 5 P’s

The purpose of the 5 P’s program is to ensure young girls receive the support they need from their parents to grow and mature into successful young women. The program targets girls ages 5 to 18 and is designed to help young girls see that all things are possible with love and guidance from their parents.

Because parents are their children’s first teachers and role models, the 5 P’s program consists of five programs that focus on the following needs parents should address as their young daughters approach adolescence and womanhood: Provide, Protect, Prepare, Position and Possess. The components of each program are listed below.


“Provide” is dedicated to helping parents provide the resources young girls need to be successful in life. Parents will actively engage in activities and/or classes with their daughters to model appropriate behaviors in areas such as dance, art, cooking, sewing, financial planning, etiquette, study skills, and more. In addition, family-focused events will help improve relationships between the parents and their daughters. The families will learn how to work together and communicate more effectively as they plan small events, including picnics, field days, and talent shows, for the program. A graduation also will occur as the girls mature out of the 5 P’s program. During this small ceremony, the parents will verbally acknowledge their daughters’ growth and progress and present their daughters with gifts to reward their performance in the program.


“Protect” is dedicated to teaching young girls how to protect themselves from bullying, peer pressure, and other dangers and to helping young girls build their self-esteem and confidence. The girls will participate in self-defense classes and attend conflict resolution workshops where they will learn how to detect signs of bullying, peer pressure, and other dangers and how to properly address, resolve, and ultimately avoid these issues. The girls also will participate in workshops that focus on building and maintaining self-esteem and confidence. Guest speakers will be invited to share inspirational stories with the girls and lead group and individual activities to help the girls accept and love who they are. In addition, the girls will learn how to build meaningful relationships with others and how to lift and inspire others as they climb. Group activities and challenges will teach the girls how to reach common goals, including health and fitness goals, and how to grow as a team.


“Prepare” is dedicated to preparing young girls for the future by providing them with choices in life. The girls will be encouraged to become independent through self-exploration. With access to electronic devices provided by the program, the girls will learn how to use their own knowledge and resources wisely, how to think independently and make wise decisions, and how to properly conduct research and create new opportunities. In addition, the girls will learn the importance of self-love and love for others through service as they engage in crafting, community service, and random acts of kindness. The girls also will learn the importance of responsibility, accountability, and time management as they participate in assigned duties (within the program), after-school jobs, and volunteer opportunities.


“Position” is dedicated to directing young girls toward a future of endless possibilities with a focus on the idea that “seeing is believing”. The girls will learn how to be social change agents as they create campaigns to stand up against bullying, promote self-esteem, or raise awareness for a cause at school, at church, or within their communities. The girls also will attend workshops and conferences to build their leadership and social skills. These events will consist of interactive activities that expose the girls to public speaking, team building, and other valuable skills. In addition, the girls will participate in college fairs or tours to explore different educational and career choices, which will include information on career development, clubs/organizations, internships, scholarships, financial aid, selecting mentors and sponsors, and more.


“Possess” is dedicated to helping young girls acquire the things God has promised them. A young women’s ministry will be held regularly in addition to a large event that occurs yearly (a retreat, conference, concert, etc.). The ministry will be led by spiritual mentors and local spiritual leaders from the community and will teach the girls the following:

  • The importance of faith
  • The beauty of womanhood
  • How to pray effectively
  • How to live according to God’s word
  • How to use their God-given gifts (music, singing, writing, dance, acting, teaching, etc.)
  • How to apply the stories of the bible, particularly the women of the bible, to their present and future (their dreams, goals, aspirations, etc.)
  • How to listen for God’s voice as they identify and are called into their purpose
  • How to be spiritual leaders (will shadow women in ministry, assume leadership positions, lead discussions, etc.)


To expose young girls to unique opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, a two-week long camp will be held in conjunction with a college or university to help the girls improve their performance in school and enhance their study skills. The components of the program are listed below.

The girls will work closely with tutors or instructors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will occur individually or within a group setting where the girls will be matched with a combination of peers who share their weaknesses and peers who could help strengthen their weaknesses. In addition, the girls will receive the opportunity to participate in science fairs, partake in campus tours, observe lectures, attend and participate in special workshops (to learn how to build apps, robots, programs, etc.), and take field trips to visit STEM-related organizations. The girls will also be invited to attend special screenings or discussion forums dedicated to exposing the girls to films and books that highlight the lives of important women in STEM.

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