According to survey data collected between 2011 and 2012, the percentage of women over the age of 25 without a high school diploma or GED ranges from 59%-89% across the United States. Of these women, 2.9% of White women, 2.6% of Hispanic women, 1.7% of African American women, and 1% of Asian women earn below the minimum wage. Based on data collected from a separate study, one-third (34%) of the women studied who were teenage mothers did not possess a high school diploma or GED.

Of those who had been younger teenage mothers, under the age of 18, 38% of the women had earned a high school diploma by their early twenties (age 22), compared to the overall 51% of teen mothers who had received their diploma by age 22. While 67% of African American teen mothers had received a high school diploma or GED, only 55% of White women and 46% of Hispanic women had received a diploma or GED.

In response to such alarming statistics…

The purpose of the Culture87 program

is to ensure all women receive the education and resources they need to excel in life regardless of their past or current circumstances. Targeting women in their 20s and 30s as well as women in their 40s and 50s, Culture87 is designed to remind women it is never too late to achieve their dreams―all they have to do is reach.

Culture87 provides an interactive education outside of the norm and beyond the classroom by utilizing culture to provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. Because the women will learn skills in the exact way they will apply them in both educational and professional settings, Culture87 will prepare women for life after the GED exam and beyond. In addition to offering adult education classes for GED preparation, Culture87 also offers mentorship and job development programs to assist women as they grow not only as successful women but also as successful women with a purpose.

Based on the major subjects that comprise the GED exam, the Culture87 GED program consists of a Language Arts Center, Math Center, and a Science and Social Studies Center. Each center utilizes interactive tools, such as electronic learning tools and devices, to facilitate both independent and shared learning experiences in addition to GED test preparation and student-led lessons that enhance the overall learning experience. The components of each center are listed below.

Language Arts Center

The Language Arts Center focuses on the reading and writing components of the GED exam. Designed to improve fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, a monthly book club is held to discuss assigned books related to the reading materials presented on the GED exam. The book club meetings are held in a group setting with optional one-on- one meetings (between a mentor and a mentee) following the group meeting. In addition, weekly tutoring sessions are held in a writing center to enhance various writing skills. The women are required to compose essays related to the essays presented on the GED exam but are encouraged to select their own writing topics as they learn how to brainstorm, outline and create essays and other writing assignments.

Math Center

The Math Center focuses on the mathematics component of the GED exam. Addressing mathematical concepts such as algebra, number operations, and data analysis, the Math Center uses interactive lessons that require the women to apply the information they learn in real-life contexts. For example, a trip to the grocery store or to a local business is more than just a routine stop―it is also a learning experience.

Science and Social Studies Center

The Science and Social Studies Center focuses on the science and social studies components of the GED exam. Lessons will be presented through the use of interactive tools and resources in addition to presentations from professionals in the science and social studies fields. Expanding outside of the classroom, some lessons will be presented in locations such as libraries, museums, government agencies, etc., which will help the women apply the information as they learn.

Additional Features

All participants will be required to lead at least one lesson during the course of the program as an extension of their interactive education. Also, test preparation for the GED, ACT, and/or SAT will be available to participants with an optional study hall component to help them build and improve their study skills.

Because today’s workforce values skills and experience, the Culture87 job development program will teach women how to navigate the workforce and how to build a career. The primary goal of the job development program is to teach women it is not about applying to a job but about realizing where they want to work. The components of the program are listed below.


The women will learn how to network in professional settings as they combine valuable information from special presentations (presented by guest speakers) with unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience while attending, participating in, or volunteering during professional events.

Resume Building

The women will engage in resume building activities as they pursue internships and/or volunteer opportunities that could possibly lead to permanent job positions.

Career Development

The women will meet monthly with career coaches to set and monitor career goals, develop professional skills, prepare for interviews, learn about financial literacy, and more.

Understanding the importance of guidance and support among women, the Culture87 mentorship program matches women with mentors who share similar personal and professional interests. The mentorship program is designed to build positive relationships among women who can learn from one another and grow together. The components of the program are listed below.

Personal Growth

The mentors will teach and model how to walk into a purpose and how to identify and use gifts to attain personal growth.

Professional Growth

The women will be required to shadow their mentors to gain field experience, which could possibly evolve into an apprenticeship.

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring will teach women the importance of team building and working effectively in teams. Most group sessions will be led by a former participant in the program to teach the women how to reach goals together as a team.

To reward the outstanding efforts of the women who participate in Culture87, a scholarship will be awarded to one or more women that wish to further their education to either partially of fully cover the cost of tuition (may include other expenses as well). The requirements of the scholarship are listed below.

The Culture87 Scholarship

To apply for the Culture87 Scholarship, the women must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Complete the GED exam
  • Complete the ACT/SAT exam
  • Intend to attend a college or university to study a trade or to pursue a degree program
  • Complete a portfolio detailing the knowledge and growth gained from the Culture87 experience
  • Demonstrate outstanding performance throughout the program, particularly in service and leadership
  • Receive a letter of recommendation from a mentor
  • Submit a letter of purpose to detail their goals for the future and how The Culture87 Scholarship can contribute to these goals

For more information on the Culture87 program, contact us at (888) 33-IAMSK (42675) or

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